Frequently asked questions, (FAQ) about
“Dams and mills route, in Aguasvivas river, between the provinces of Zaragoza and Teruel -Spain”.

What kind of route is this?
The river flows through a dry countryside during 100 km. The only forest grows along the riverside. Furthermore, the river is dry three quarters of the year. But, for those of you who love: nature, contrasts, sports and to reflect about the ancient way of life, this will be a good route.

How long is the route?
You can divide this route in different parts:

  • 1st. Weirs and mills in Blesa (a little path called: PR Te-250) : *Times and distances are indicated only “on the way there”
    - Natural spot of "Hocino": 7 minutes to the viewpoint.
    - “Vado” weir (called “azud del Vado”, also called “pozo de los arcos”: 3,5 Km approximately.
    - “Galindo” weir: 4,9 Km
  • 2nd. Blesa-Moneva and ancient weir:12,5 Km by path. 50 minutes by bike.
  • 3rd. Blesa-Moneva modern dam: 21,2 Km.
  • 4th. Blesa-Almonacid de la Cuba-Belchite: 40 Km aprox.

El final de la ruta

How can I arrive to Blesa or Almonacid de la Cuba?
From Madrid or Barcelona, take A2 road to Zaragoza.
- To Almonacid:
Take the secondary road A-222 until Belchite village. Don't enter the village. Turn right at the junction of road A-1506 (or Z-154) (5 Km aprox.). Turn right at the junction of road CV-645 (2 Km).
Almonacid is 60 Km south from Zaragoza.
- To Blesa:
Take the secondary road A-222 until Muniesa. Turn right to A-2306 (8 Km) until Blesa.
Zaragoza-Blesa: 100 Km

What do I need to enjoy the route?
- Transport: You can walk or cover the route by mountain bike. It is possible to cover the route by “all terrain” car (or SUV) too, but, finally you should walk to visit natural spots.
- Clothes: You will need: cap, t-shirt, a pair of trousers, if you walk by the river bed, trainers or trekking boots. In summer you can use shorts, but you will need insect repellent.
- Food: in summer, water is indispensable.
- Others: in summer, you will need protective solar cream,

Can I do the route with children?
Yes, you would. The only danger must be near of little canyons and cliffs. Take the hand of your child to avoid accidents.

What is the best season to visit this area?
The best seasons to walk are spring and autumn, between April and June, or September and October, because the temperature will be warm. It's possible to find water in the river in winter and spring.

Are there any interesting places or routes near Blesa?
Yes, of course. The route of “El Cid” is 6 Km south, in Huesa del Común village. After renovation work, you can visit the “molino Bajo” in Blesa. It reopens to offer an educational journey for you.

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